Tower knight demons souls reddit

Begin the fighting rushing up the stairs either left or right. Eliminate all of the archers to make the Tower Knight boss fight easier.

While you are up on the rampart, Tower Knight can still hit you with a projectile attack. After eliminating all of the archers, head down to face Tower Knight.

The best way to attack Tower Knight is to run through his legs and then attack his feet. To defeat Tower Knight, you will need to knock him down several times.

Keep attacking his feet until he falls down. Then use your highest DPS attacks magic or melee to damage him as much as you can. You will likely need to knock him down several times before you can deplete his health bar. Tower Knight is weak to several damage types, including magic, fire, poison and plague.

The Crescent Falchion with a high magic build is very effective against him. You can use Poison Cloud for large damage over time. Death Cloud will paralyze the Tower Knight, making him completely vulnerable. Race up the right stairs.

Wait before moving in on the archers. You need the archers to loose an arrow before moving in, otherwise you can easily get hit. Run back down and engage the Tower Knight. The safest way to defeat him is to bait out his shield slam attack. Once he does the shield slam, run between his legs and attack his feet a couple times. Continue to do this until he falls down. In most cases, you will one-cycle Tower Knight. Tower Knight Boss Guide. Strengths Bleed immune. Standard Strategy Begin the fighting rushing up the stairs either left or right.When it comes to Demon's Souls, you're going to need every possible advantage you can get, and tracking down the best Demon's Souls armour should be top of your list.

We've done the research and put some time into discovering just what the best sets of armour are in Demon's Souls - and no matter what your character build might be, we've got a set that'll fit right with you. If you're looking for more on Demon's Souls, our pages on the best starting classbest weaponsWorld and Character Tendencyfarming spots and Hardstone locations. The iconic Fluted Armor set is the starting Armor for the Knight Class in Demon's Souls, but it's also surprisingly strong, can be equipped by both genders available and could easily last throughout your playthrough of the game.

It has a high equip load, meaning that unless you level up your endurance, you won't be able to use the quickest possible roll, however it does indeed provide a good middle ground for users who don't want to use the heavy roll, and still be armored to the gills. Head to the hallway with the Prisoner Horde on 1F, very near to where you're able to get the Prison of Hope West 1F key, then, right next to it behind some barrels will be the Fluted Armor set.

The Gloom Armor set is a very strong, Male-only set in Demon's Souls, that boasts higher poison resistance than even the Fluted Set that the Knight starts with.

This set could easily see you through to the end of the game, it's also surprisingly easy to attain. As you find and free him by following the Augites of Guidance. He isn't initially hostile, so it's very easy to get him to fall from the small platform you're both on, or by backstabbing him. After you kill him, quit and reload the game, and the Gloom Armor set will be yours.

However, if you do not kill Yurt here, he will appear in the Nexus after you have killed the next boss, and if you do not kill him here, he will begin to kill key NPC's in the Nexus. You've been warned! To obtain the powerful, male-only Dark Silver Armor Set in Demon's Souls, which offers slightly better stats than the Fluted Set, at the cost of a slightly higher weight, but still offers mobility, and if you want it, style. To obtain this set, you'll need to defeat Maiden Astrea's lover and protector, Garl Vinland.

He is found at the Dirty Colossus Archstone, if you take a left and head down, he will start to approach you. His heavy hammer, Bramd is a force to be reckoned with, and unless your parrying skills are top notch, we recommend using the ranged attacks like Soul Ray, Soul Arrow, or any host of Fire Magic to defeat him.

The other option is to duel him at close range, but this is very difficult due to the strength of the Bramd.

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The Dull Gold set is a fantastic, light, female-only armor set that can be acquired in a few ways. The first one is by killing Selen Vinland in the Leechmonger Archstone, near the first fog gate. You'll need to have Pure White World Tendency in order to get her to appear. She drops the Dull Gold set when killed. But be warned, this is a tough fight in the swamps, and her sword, Blind, will be able to ignore any shields you have. She also heals at low health, so we recommend getting a large greatsword such as the Claymore or Dragon Bone Smasher to knock her back repeatedly using your heaviest hits.

Poison Cloud also works, but you'll need to recast it a few times. Be warned that killing Selen Vinland will also drop your Character Tendency. Near the nest of Phosphorescent Slugs in the Leechmonger Archstone near to where you can also get the Large Sword of Moonlight if you've fulfilled the correct conditions, will be a lone Phosphorescent Slug, that also drops a full set of Dull Gold Armor. The Brushwood set is an extremely heavy, unisex set that will suit heavier, slower builds.

Don't expect to be rolling lightly with this, as it's weight rating is very high, but it offers extremely high defence in many categories. It can be attained either by killing Biorr of the Twin Fangs, which we do not recommend, since he does extremely high damage, and has very high health.

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But if you do want to kill him, we recommend doing it in the Nexus, using the Poison Cloud spell repeatedly.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Most bosses appear once the player passes through a fog gate nearby. Sprint to get behind him and target the Knight's ankles. Be careful as he will use his shield and do a large area hit all around him. Keep circling around the back of him if you can with your own shield up.

As long as you remain behind him, only his back step and leap back can damage you. These are his weakest attacks. Eventually, after enough damage is done, he will fall over and you can attack his head for massive damage.

Either run forward through his legs, or to the side to avoid having him fall on of you.

tower knight demons souls reddit

Alternate Melee strategy - staircase shuffle Using this method will take a long time but it's quite safe and simple. Once you've killed all the archers head up either of the large staircases. When you see the Knight ready to throw his lance. Sprint down the stairs towards him and slash at his exposed foot.

Then run back up the stairs again. You won't do a lot of damage but you shouldn't get hit either. The trick is to try and get him to move close to the bottom of the stairs so when he goes to throw his lance and you run down the stairs you'll hit him in his body and do greater damage.

He will jump back every so often, so you'll need to move up and down the stairs to goad him forward. Occasionally he will move himself towards the other staircase. In which case run across to the other staircase and repeat as above.

You can attack at least twice with larger weapons and more for smaller weapons and then either retreat up the same staircase or if more convenient, the other staircase and loop back around or use the same strategy from this staircase.

Stay on the walls, go to the archway above the entrance.

He will use his spear to do a ranged attack, and when he does this move to shelter behind the railing. Then step out and prepare your attack.Once known as Alfred, one of three among the Boletarian round table, the Tower Knight now consumed by the demonic force of the fog guards with his massive shield, lance, and surrounding fellow archers.

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His protective group of crossbow followers makes the overall battle a bit more interesting and, given the fact that he is one of the first few bosses encountered by the slayer of demons, it's a major learning curve for newer players.

While its foot tall presence may be a terrifying aspect to behold upon your first encounter, not to mention the fact that it's among the most difficult bosses in the gamethe Tower Knight becomes easy prey once these following few combat strats are realized.

The easiest way to tackle Tower Knight without worrying about imminent death is to first get a rough rundown of the arena layout. It's basically a giant box with a raised outer rim that circumvents the entire map. Upon first entering the fog, head straight for the stairs on either side of the boss and take out all those pesky archers on the parapets, dodging and using the environment to protect yourself from Tower Knight's lancing soul arrow whenever necessary.

Of course, if you want to get the One Shall Fall trophy, leave the archers be and simply head straight to the spot pictured above. This is your safe zone. Use it alongside a good bow and arrow tactic, or even better: soul arrow, which is what I used. You have to time your shots perfectly, firing right at the moment wherein Tower Knight drops its guard to likewise fire off its own Soul Arrow back at you.

Any wrong timing and you'll be wasting valuable MP, with your attacks ineffectively bouncing off its shield. If you don't already have a catalyst for magic use, one can be found literally on the way to the Tower Knight, picked up at the top of the first tower on the Lord's Path.

As for a bow, both the long and short versions can be purchased for 3, and 1, souls, respectively, from Graverobber Blige, among the best merchants in Demon's Souls. As the age-old cliche goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. This can very well be applied to the Tower Knight boss battle, wherein close-quarters combat is a terrifying route of action, but it's not impossible. Before charging headlong at the massive knight, take a moment to learn his attack strategies and how he moves.

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As with the aforementioned cliche, and given the fact that there's little else to target, go for the Tower Knight's back ankles. It doesn't matter which specific type of weapon you use, though I do recommend the Crescent Falchion found in All that matters is that you see a light blue aura start to pour forth from the back of his legs.

Hit him enough times in these two spots and he'll fall backward, also something to look out for and stay away from, or else you'll be pulverized. When on the ground, lay into its head to deliver some heavy blows to its health bar. Herein is where you'll probably emulate one of the many mistakes made by all newer hollowsand that's being too reckless. Watch for any of its potential attack patterns, especially the vertical shield slam, because that will most likely put an immediate end to your fight.

You'll be able to tell by way of its animation when it's about to perform a certain attack, such as lifting its foot for a boot slam and raising its shield for a shield slam. Like nearly every battle in the game, it's all about patience, timing, and landing those shots where they count, but don't be too overzealous and back away when necessary.First sprint past the Tower Knight up the stairs on the left or the right, and continue all the way around and kill all of the Crossbow men which line the walls on both sides of the court yard, then pick a method of attack as follows.

The easiest way to get behind him is to run through his legs. If you try to circle around him he may get in a lucky sweep with his extremely large lance. If while running through his legs his shield starts to glow and he lifts it up horizontally just keep running through.

He lunges forward with this attack so its very unlikely that it will hit you if you are behind him and you keep moving. Sometimes while running through his legs you can get pinned between his leg and his shield. Don't panic just keep running. He will eventually lift it up freeing you, and again as long as you're behind him his shield bash attacks won't reach you.

After you've knocked him down and hit him in the head a few times, he does a quick vertical shield drop as soon as returning to his feet. So make sure you give him a little space, and again stay behind him. Finally, if during the fight he backs himself up against a wall, run to the opposite side of the arena and stay on the ground floor. He won't use his magic lance attack while you're there. He will just walk out towards you and away from the wall.

If you don't do this he may accidentally step on you with just his regular walking motion. This wont do a ton of damage but it will temporarily stun you which can leave you open to one of his larger attacks. If you're stunned and backed against a corner, there aren't many escape routes. Bringing the spell Light Weapon will help tremendously if you plan to melee him. While Light Weapon is in effect you'll be doing damage to him even while attacking his feet normally the Knight does not take damage from melee strikes if you attack his feet.

Additionally, casting the Anti Magic Field will prevent him from using his magical lance attack. Once he's down, he'll take an extremely large amount of damage from your now enchanted weapon. The information below reflects the game's hard programmed values for enemy stats and values.

However, these values don't always align precisely with values seen in game. For example, if the HP multiplier is "x2", the NPC will have twice the health that the player would have if they had identical stats and equipment. The NPC's attack multipliers are applied before the damage is affected by the player's defenses and resistances. Damage received by the NPC is slightly more complicated.

When the player does damage to the NPC, the raw damage is put into a formula and computed against the NPC's resistances. The output damage remaining is the dealt to the NPC. Sprint to get behind him and target the Knight's ankles.

Be careful as he will use his shield and do a large area hit all around him. Keep circling around the back of him if you can with your own shield up.The first thing to do when entering the boss fog is to run past the Tower Knight, up either staircase. Once the archers are cleared out, the real fight begins.

Tower Knight

If you have Turpentine or Sticky White Stuff in your inventory, be sure to use it on your weapon now. The Crescent Falchion from World is also a great option for this encounter. The Tower Knight is weak to fire and even weaker to magic. Run down the staircases and approach him carefully, while being careful to dodge his swings and shield slam.

The key to this fight is to hit both his ankles equally until he falls over on the ground. Once he falls, you can run up towards his head and attack it to deal massive damage.

tower knight demons souls reddit

Positioning on this fight is extremely important. You always want to be directly behind his ankles. This way, you only have to worry about his shield slam, stomps, and backstep.

Peek out from the small stairs where the archers were standing and counter attack the Tower Knight every time he goes to use his ranged attack.

tower knight demons souls reddit

Demon's Souls. Enable JavaScript to sign up to our newsletter. See comments on this article.A lot has changed, and the devs are even considering adding an easy modebut until they do the game is still a serious challenge. One of the most memorable is the Tower Knight, which many players are facing for the first time in the remake. It can be a tough fight for the uninitiated, but unlike other bosses, there's an in-game established multi-step path to take down this boss, and here it is.

tower knight demons souls reddit

The arena where the Tower Knight is fought is surrounded by a walkway inhabited by archers. These foes take pot shots at anyone attempting to engage the Tower Knight, and just like with the Phalanx fightthe smaller foes must be dealt with. Run up the stairs at either end of the arena and start bringing them down, but don't knock them into the arena. If they survive the fall, they'll cause problems at unexpected times. The Tower Knight is a big, heavily armored biped, and as such there's a lot of pressure on its ankles.

As such, its key weak points are its feet, even if they're not as filthy as the Maiden in Black's feet. Carefully avoid its sweeping blows and start chopping at its ankles. Blowing one out will cause it to kneel, and both will make it fall over.

This lets players reach its head, which is the third weak point. Hit that head as much as possible before the Knight stands back up, then rinse and repeat. For the Tower Knight, the best choice if probably the Crescent Falchion. This is one of the best weapons to use early onand can be found in the Shrine of Storms. The Tower Knight is weak to magic. This is not a unique trait, as the Armor Spider is also weak to magic. The Tower Knight, however, is really weak to magic. Slathering a weapon in Sticky White Slime can exploit this even further, as can casting attack spells.

Fire is also very effective, and often a bit easier to acquire. Deliver both of these to the Tower Knight's weak spots and its armor will be melted in no time. By Mason Sansonia Nov 20, Share Share Tweet Email 0.